Mianhong production line 1, with a daily 3000pcs output of TVs.

TV Manufacturing Process

The LCD TV production line is a complex assembly process involving precision assembly in multiple links. In the raw material preparation stage, the factory needs to purchase core components such as LCD panels, casings, and circuit boards, and conduct warehousing inspections. The assembly of the LCD panel is a key step. It requires first installing the backlight, accurately assembling the panel and connecting the cables. Motherboard assembly requires the installation of various electronic components on the circuit board, such as signal processing chips, power supplies, etc. After assembly, the LCD TV also needs to undergo comprehensive functional testing to check image, sound and other effects. After passing the test, it enters the packaging and shipping process. Unqualified products need to be reworked and repaired. Every step of the entire production line must be strictly controlled to ensure the speed and efficiency of the assembly line and the high reliability of the product.
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