Event or exhibition that Mianhong(OPEE) attended. Mianhong actively attend some domestic and international exhibitions. Welcome back to check more updates! 6/29/2023

Mianhong's booth in the 134th Canton Fair(2023)

Canton Fair 2023(134th)

Mianhong attended the 134th Canton Fair(2023) as promised. The booth was busy over the 5 days, and we have made some new customers and friends. We will continue to attend the 135th Canton Fair(2024) around April 2024.
Booth of Mianhong in 2023 Canton Fair

Mianhong(OPEE) in the 2023 Canton Fair

Mianhong(OPEE) TV in the 2023 Canton Fair A brief introduction of who we are: Mianhong TV is a mature TV manufacturer in China. We focus on giving out solutions on TV field with our 12+ years experience. In March 2023,…